One week ago, on Tuesday, August 15, 2023, it was finally that time again! A new school year had begun and was solemnly ushered in with our obligatory school service.

Our new teachers, new volunteers, and new administrative staff were warmly welcomed and had the opportunity to introduce themselves to the many students and parents for the first time.

Afterwards, our 21 new first graders were welcomed to the school with a standing ovation. A great day for them and their proud parents. Our new students in grades 2 through 11 were also warmly welcomed by all students, parents, and the entire CDSC team.

Everyone is now very much looking forward to their new adventure at CDSC and have started the 2023/24 school year with great enthusiasm.

Just a few days later, at the beginning of the second week, we had our first devotion, during which the new and diverse school AGs (working groups) for the new school year were introduced. We look forward to welcoming the students to these activities and hope for high participation.

We wish everyone a wonderful and blessed school year and lots of fun.