From May 31st to June 2nd, 2022 the classes 9 and 10 with the teachers Mrs. Kraus and Mr. Gerth were on a class trip in the area of Chiang Dao.

The beginning took place at 7:00 am at the school, where the students and teachers were taken by several buses to the vicinity of Mae Taman, Mae Taeng. There they met the tour guides and Eric, the owner of 8Adventures. After a brief introduction from Eric, as well as the distribution of the lunch they would have later, they were off.
What sounded like an easy 12 kilometers at first, became a burden for some students after a few hours of walking. The path was pleasant at first and went along a road, but after a few hours the hiking group entered trails that led deep into the jungle. Thereby it went downhill, uphill, over hill and dale and now and then also through slippery passages.
Around noon, the group took a break at a river, where they had lunch. Afterwards they continued through the jungle.
In the late afternoon the hiking group reached the village of Ban Pa Lo and after dinner they had stick bread and marshmallows, which were grilled over the fire. Despite a short rain shower, the students were not deterred from this activity.
While some students wanted to go to bed early, several stayed awake, played cards and went on another night hike.

The next morning, some of the students were already feeling sore muscles from the previous day, but there were no complaints and after a hearty breakfast, they set off on another hike.
This time it went for a good while uphill through tea fields. At a shrine, the hiking group took a lunch break. Afterwards, they continued to a viewpoint, which offered a 360° panoramic view of the region. The group then arrived at the village of Huay Kukap, where they would spend the night. Once again, a sumptuous dinner was served and the evening was again finished with stick bread, marshmallows and the sounds of guitars.

On the last morning, the students packed everything up and headed downhill to 8Adventures’ base camp, from where they were taken to White Water Rafting. After a safety briefing, the students and teachers were bussed to the starting point where they would raft four kilometers down the river. After four kilometers, a stop was made and the group was taken further down the river where they continued their trip up the river until they reached base camp again.
Apart from several students throwing themselves on other inflatables to get rid of teachers in a rather barbaric way, the participants remained unharmed.
After a good lunch, the classes and teachers returned to Chiang Mai. All in all, the class trip was a great experience, which was a lot of fun for everyone.

Iphigenie (Class 10) & Elina (Class 9)