Life is a journey to new thoughts
(Klaus Lutz)

As they set out on new journeys, we proudly congratulate our students from this year’s graduating classes:

Larissa Fehlhaber, Natalia Granatowicz (all cl. 10) sowie Hanna Janzen, Yejoon (Dennis) Kim, Michael Kohler, Nicola Luder, Tobias Mickel, Jannick Schubert, Patcharida (Stefanie) Sowa, Christopher Venzky-Stalling und Marlene Winkelmann (all cl. 12)

Everything you love will probably be lost,
but in the end, love will return in a different way.
(Franz Kafka – Die Puppenbriefe)

This profound quote was addressed by our principal, Mr. Markus Brandtner, in his speech (and as a hidden note) to our graduates of this year. Now you are surely wondering what is behind this. And so it was at first to many in the Grand Ballroom of the Le Meridien who did not yet know the story about Franz Kafka and a little girl. Only so much can be revealed to you, it is about love and farewell.

Mr. Sebastian J. Schmidt (German Honorary Consul) followed with a personal greeting, in which he wished the graduating seniors good luck and success on their new paths with short anecdotes from his own school and graduation days. The Deputy Mayor of our district Tha Wang Tan, Mr. Wittaya Chaiprakong, joined him in his words and reminded us that it is something special to successfully graduate despite the adverse pandemic circumstances.

After a heavenly musical contribution of our 12th graders, the warmly motivating speeches of the class teachers, Mr. Florian Gerth (for the graduates of class 10) and Mrs. Kiki Hoffmann (for the graduates of the German International Baccalaureate (DIA)), honoring the achievement, followed. The ceremonial speeches were concluded by the students Michael Kohler and Jannick Schubert, who addressed their words with charming wit and thanks to their parents and host parents, class and subject teachers as well as fellow students.

Then followed the long-awaited graduation certificate, which was ceremoniously handed over, along with gifts, to the students who were now leaving the school. The ceremony was closed by another musical contribution of the class 12, followed by a tasty meal, which once again offered the opportunity – so we hope – not to talk one last time.

On Monday, June 06, 2022, the graduates once again found their way to the “old place” and continued the CDSC tradition of planting their own “CDSC Graduation Tree”.

We wish them all the best, much joy and success on their paths and are very much looking forward to seeing them again!

David Hester