A successful premiere, one could say – The first Online Chess Tournament of the CDSC was a complete success!

The tournament directors Dirk Baldes and Florian Gerth had only hoped that the first virtual CMAC Chess Tournament 2021 would be such a success. And after the last game on Saturday at noon, their relief was great.

The change in the corona situation in Thailand cast its shadow ahead and all tournaments of the Chiang Mai Athletic Conference (CMAC) in the last season of the school year were about to be cancelled. However, at the CDSC it was clear that we needed an alternative setting for our popular chess tournament. The CMAC end-of-season event was definitely going to happen for our students, so we organised our first Online Chess Tournament.

48 students from six CMAC schools competed in seven rounds on Saturday, 15th May 2021. A total of 160 games were played in three hours, so that the winners were decided at noon. Unfortunately, it was not enough for the overall victory, but there were still noteworthy results.

There were 4 Lions in the top 5 of the U11! Two places on the podium! Silver for Kornelius and bronze for Yamin.

In the top 5 of the U20 there were 3 Lions! One place on the podium! Bronze for Christopher.

… and there is more to be proud of.

The two youngest players of the tournament (both 6 years old) came from the CDSC.

With 18 players, the CDSC provided the largest team.

Even though the online format cannot compete with “real” games over-the-board, we look back on a great tournament in which our children had a lot of fun.

Sporty greetings,
Florian Gerth
(Athletic Director)