An annual highlight of school life is the Fun Fair, which takes place at our school. This colorful event is all about fun, and students, teachers, parents, and the entire community come together to have an unforgettable time.

The Fun Fair features a variety of games organized by the different classes. From can tossing to sack races, box stacking to dunk tank, there is something for everyone. The students are very enthusiastic and love the competitive spirit that prevails at Fun Fair.

Another highlight of Fun Fair is the flea market, where used books, toys and clothes are sold. This not only creates a sustainable way to pass on used items but also an opportunity to grab a bargain or two. The flea market promotes cooperation and exchange between all participants and contributes to sustainable awareness.
In addition to the games and the flea market, the Parents’ Council treats visitors to a specially set-up cake stand with homemade treats prepared by the dedicated parents. With many different cakes, there is something for every taste.

The school family can be proud of this wonderful event that brings joy and excitement every year. It is a celebration that students, teachers, parents and the entire school community look forward to with anticipation each year. The Fun Fair is undoubtedly a highlight of school life and will be remembered by all visitors for a long time to come.

A special thank you goes out to the event sponsors, all the volunteers, parents and the Fun Fair team!

Tim Armstrong