The children of the nursery, the kindergarten and the elementary school celebrated St. Martin’s Day together with their parents and friends this year.

A few weeks before the traditional celebration, the children started with great anticipation and excitement to internalize the story of St. Martin, to sing songs, to prepare a shadow theater and of course to make beautiful colorful lanterns.

As in previous years, the festival began with a picnic on the large lawn of the McKean site. The children of the Care Corner Orphanage took part in our celebration as very special guests with great joy.

At nightfall we all went together to the church where our prepared program was taking place. The children sang songs and performed their shadow theater, which reminded us all of St. Martin’s message: helping each other and sharing. After that the lantern parade started. Singing loudly and with lots of joy, everyone went to the bonfire with their glowing lanterns in the dark. At the fire the children could grill bread on sticks. Many happy faces could be seen in the light of the fire. A wonderful way to end our celebration.

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for the clothing and money donations that go to refugees from Myanmar and the Care Corner Orphanage.