The making of an app (Christina)

Working as an intern at the Department of Computer Science at Chiang Mai University (CMU) was pretty interesting. There I learned many things, mainly about how simple apps are made with the MIT App Inventor and its coding blocks. Even though I found this field of work—making an app for my internship—interesting, I still had to sit at a computer for hours in a row and look at the codes to see if I made any mistakes or if any errors popped up.

With heart and soul (Euphemia)

With my internship at Sankampaeng Animal Hospital, I was able to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian. My week there was very instructive and I learned a lot of new things. On the whole, I liked it very much. I did so many different things that I couldn’t list them all. For example, I had to disinfect wounds or fill syringes. The highlight of my week was the birth of five puppies. I would recommend such an internship to anyone who is interested in animals.

Creative thinking in action (Sonya)

My internship at Blueprint Graphic Design was pretty good in parts. I learned how to create designs and how to use Adobe Illustrator. I enjoyed that a lot. However, besides creating graphics, I also had to put in physical effort and spent several hours on some days sorting cards or folding boxes, which was very tedious.

Foreigner Service (Kevin)

I successfully completed my internship at Star Visa Service. The interaction with customers and my daily tasks gave me a good insight into the professional world. The customers’ wishes were always at the center of my attention. Sometimes I didn’t have that much to do, which can also be tiring.

Creative 3D Design (Leo)

I did my internship at Weera Architect. It was a pretty good internship. I worked with the programs Sketchup and Rendering, which always challenged me. But after I got used to it, I really enjoyed the work. My main task was to renovate an office in Warorot. This sounded simple, but it took a long time and required a lot of thought. I enjoyed my internship as an architect.

Photography (Nicolay)

I did my internship at Wayufilm. I was involved with photography, videography and video editing. This was usually easy for me and I enjoyed it. Unfortunately, I was not able to do this exciting work as often and there were times when I had little to do. Nevertheless, my professional internship was a good experience for me and I was able to learn quite a bit.

School from a different perspective (Amy)

I really enjoyed my internship at Grace International School. I worked there three days in first grade and two days in second grade helping out. This involved helping students in class and helping teachers prepare lessons. 

At GIS, I had to follow a different schedule, not only because I was there as an intern, but also because the students there have different class times than we do at CDSC. For example, classes there don’t start until 8:20 in the morning and end at 3 every day, plus lunch starts at 11:50. During my internship, I also met another intern who was also still going to school.

The Truths of the World (Chadaparin)

In my internship at the Faculty of Science at Maejo University, I was able to experience how microorganisms are really created. Every day, I was given clear work assignments that were accompanied by professional experts and gave me insight into laboratory activities. For example, I got to watch a student perform an extraction of proteins in waste and turn them into useful substances. I learned that processes such as growing mushrooms or extracting creatine require a lot of patience. I wish that in the future I can study something where I can also work in the lab.

One week in a clinic (Sarah)

I did my internship at the Health Care Medical Clinic, which I really enjoyed. There wasn’t always something to do because there weren’t always patients, but I always kept myself busy with something during that time. I was allowed to try out and observe many things during my internship that I would never have been allowed to do otherwise. For example, I was allowed to be present during the cleaning of a large wound. In addition to new activities, some were repeated, of course, and I helped the nurses fill out health certificates or collect vital signs, among other things.

A week at the hotel (Nicky)

I did my internship at the Shangri-La Hotel. During this time I worked in different areas of the hotel. I had a lot of fun and was able to learn a lot of new things. The internship was very instructive and gave me a good insight into the working world of the hotel industry.

For good health (Naomi)

I did my internship at the Research Institute for Health Sciences (RIHES). It was an exciting time and I was able to experience many things. I got to see the work that researchers do and learned that they don’t just work in one place, but also go out into the community to help people. On the third day of my internship, I got to go to a hospital with the team from RIHES and accompany them as they worked with people. I enjoyed the internship, even though I would have liked more hands-on experience.

My week at Shangri-La (Kevin)

I did my internship week at the Hotel Shangri-La Chiang Mai. During the week of the internship, I got a general insight into the hotel and was able to meet many nice people. Although I was sometimes allowed to fold clothes for 5 hours, but that is part of the job in a hotel and did not take the fun out of the internship for me.

GEI Thailand Foundation (Natascha)

I did an internship at THE GEI THAILAND FOUNDATION. There I was able to learn a lot about the foundation. It was exciting and it gave me a good insight into the activities of the foundation. During the 5 days, I dealt with documents and donations.

My internship at Raintree Foundation (Deborah)

I chose the Raintree Foundation because I like to help children. At the Foundation, I had to do a lot of office work. I translated letters from sponsored children from Thai to German. Even though it sounds boring, I enjoyed it because I could learn a lot about the children.

A special week – Professional internship in human resources (Titan)

I had a great time in Human Resources at Fujikura Electronics Components (Thailand) Ltd. During my internship I got an insight into how an electronics company works and met many people who were very nice and helpful. Through this project, I especially had the opportunity to gain experience that you can’t find in school or anywhere else.