Like most German schools, the CDSC organizes a bicycle test almost every year.

During this test, students learn how to participate safely and properly when riding in traffic.

They learn how to turn safely, avoid obstacles, start and slow down, look around properly in traffic, and much more.

The exam is quite similar to most schools in Germany, with only one difference: Due to the left-hand traffic, road users here in Thailand ride their bikes on the left side of the traffic.

This means that the left shoulder view and the hand signal to the left are much more important than the view over the right shoulder. This year, the students were also able to master this.

After enough training, the teacher and many diligent parents test the students’ knowledge and skills on the bike.

Not only is the traffic behavior tested, but the children also demonstrate their skills at various obstacles: riding in a slalom, carrying water in a cup, and riding over a seesaw.

Every year again, some of these stations mean a challenge for the students. And every year they pass the test with flying colors.

 And what’s more, the students always have a lot of fun at this test!

A big thank you to everyone who helped so diligently!


Katharina Imwalle