At the beginning of this year, peace in Europe was broken. For the first time in a long time, there was an armed invasion: Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Dismayed by this confrontation and the accompanying humanitarian crisis, the student councils of numerous German Schools Abroad decided to work together for peace and cohesion in this world.

During the action, we especially had to think about the situation of the students at the other German schools in the affected regions. We saw that worldwide many people are living in war and also in Europe especially Ukrainian and Russian inhabitants are suffering from the catastrophic conditions of the conflict. We wanted to give hope to all these people and work together for peace there, but also in the whole world. Therefore, on March 11, the “Youth For Peace Day” was held at CDSC. Teachers as well as students wore white t-shirts and painted their masks with the peace sign. The photos taken at this event were uploaded to the homepage and our social media channels. This allowed us as a school to send an appeal for peace to the world.

Jannick Schubert (Kl. 12) & Natalia Chitov (Kl. 11)