The film “GOTT” by Ferdinand von Schirach stages a debate about euthanasia in the German Ethics Council. In the end, the audience has to make a difficult decision.

Richard Gärtner, a 78-year-old widower, wants to commit suicide with the help of a drug that only a doctor could prescribe. His family doctor certifies that Richard Gärtner is not only in full possession of his mental powers, but also in perfect health and does not suffer from any mental illness. Since the death of his wife, his life has lost its meaning and he wants to end his life by his own decision.

At the subsequent public meeting of the German Ethics Council, legal framework conditions, medical ethical views and a position of Christian ethics are cross-examined. A far more fundamental question is discussed beyond the case mentioned: “Who or what is the master of life and death?” 

An answer is not given to the question posed at the outset, nor is a final judgment passed. Rather, the chair of the Ethics Council addresses the audience, “How would you decide?”

Those present at the film screening and discussion evening responded to the question and took part in the vote via QR code. And as expected, the results were not unanimous at all. 

In order to consolidate their own views, the audience then took a position on the film quotes provided. Some of those present then commented on their respective points of view. A lively and controversial discussion ensued, in which the different opinions were expressed. 

In the end, however, everyone agreed that our life is a gift and a task, and thus is often a curse and blessing at the same time.