The students of the CDSC Media Team “Paparazzi” dealt photographically with the topic “New Normal”.

The result was a series of expressive photographs that were exhibited from December 11th, 2020 onwards in the Downtown Art Space of the vegan restaurant Good Souls, which is located in the old town of Chiang Mai.

Most of the photos were taken during walks where the students took the subject “New Normal” from their personal point of view.

Patience is Key by Eyllissa
This picture represents the time during the quarantine. It conveys that we should not be impatient and act impulsively during the time of COVID-19. If we have to stay in quarantine, then we should follow the guidelines to prevent further infections and any inconveniences for other people. Just as the title says, we should stay calm and be patient like the cat in the picture.

Separated Intimacy by Leo
It’s a moment often missed. There is no spectacle, just a lady alone. At their most vulnerable, most intimate. A self no one see but her. At the same time, she reflects all of us in the pandemic. Sheltered, locked in and alone, yet she looks out at the world through her TV.

Lonesome Childhood by Petra
Children learn in the pandemic that locked playgrounds, keeping their distance, limiting contact with friends and grandparents, and wearing masks is normal. Isolation and insecurity are widespread emotions of the “Corona generation”

Hope and Bloodby Toby
We started with dreams and hope, but the light became so dim, darkness fell upon us. The end is near yet so far, the light so dear, for a path we follow, hoping for the light.

Change by Chris
Capturing a traffic light that stopped at red represents the current halt in our society and economy due to COVID-19. But it also shows that the New Normal, where we find ourselves in, is undergoing constant change. A traffic light will turn green again and therefore it is a symbol of hope and change.

This picture shows how in situations like this we should act fast and set the lives of people in priority. People before economic interests!

Lockdowned by Calvin
The picture reminds me of how we all were locked in, only a tiny space to live in. However, we can still have a bright time in our confined space even if there is only darkness around us.

Both Sides of the Story by Elias
I interpret this picture as one side the bad side and another the good side. The left side is the bad side because it is so unmaintained and the right side is the good side.