The Secret Art Night was a fresh and joyful idea, bringing a sense of life back into desolate Chiang Mai after COVID-19. The eventful evening took place at 10 different Galleries with one of those galleries being a “secret” taking place only at the end of the night. Each location had its own personal style and had artists from around the world.

On the event day, many people had interactive and fun experiences at some of the best galleries in Chiang Mai. At each gallery, people were excited to see the secret gallery that would be opened to the public at 10 pm that day. The exhibition title of this secret place is Colorful Monochrome which is a fitting name that suits the gallery well. They were many more shows at this gallery which were quite fascinating to watch. 

Our school Media Team had the opportunity to be volunteers at this Secret Art Night event. We wanted to improve our photography and journalism skills by participating in promoting the event and working as volunteers when the event took place. The media team was mostly responsible for taking pictures of the guests and the unique art they were admiring.

The school’s media team also had the privilege to interview one of the great artists that contributed to making this event possible. Purin Phanichphant is a ChiangMai native and spent most of his life in between America and Thailand. Purin was the artist at the Kit & Caboodle gallery, a minimalist gallery with a black and white colour palette, involving mainly interactive art. When thinking about Purins work the first word that comes to mind is “simplistic”. All of his work made the audience take a break from the hardships of life and allowed them to enjoy the little simplicities in life. 

His work has featured all over the world and explores themes of languages and cross-cultural transitions, human-machine coexistence and collaboration, as well as the tension between dogmatic rules and spontaneous expression. His exhibition “The Art Of Mindfulness ” really shows some of these themes. One of his favorite works at that exhibition is called Right Perspektive.

To be a volunteer at such a vast event was very interesting and important to gather more real-life experiences and helped us to prepare for future events.