On Thursday, 16.6.22, class 7 of Christian German School Chiang Mai with their physics teacher Mrs. Kraus visited the “Phi Suea House” (“Butterfly House”) of the German Honorary Consul in Chiang Mai, Mr. Schmidt. Mr. Stautmeister accompanied us as the school’s chemistry teacher.

There are several buildings on the grounds of this house, all of which are powered only by solar energy and therefore require no outside electrical power. The property also has its own water pump, which provides the site with enough water. The interesting thing about it is not only that it is powered by solar panels, but that it uses hydrogen-oxygen fuel cells.

Three tanks store hydrogen (under pressure) that was produced in the fuel cells with the electrical energy from the solar panels. This hydrogen now contains chemical energy that can be released again when needed together with oxygen – completely without harmful waste materials. At Baan Phi Suea, there are also conventional batteries that temporarily store electrical energy. All the electricity can now be used at all times of the day, and the house is supplied 24 hours a day. The advantage of this is that it is good for the environment!

The property also has a pool and volleyball court, two guest houses and a large garden with chickens, geese and some vegetables. The Honorary Consulate family grows their own vegetables and has many trees in their garden that also contribute to the environment by making oxygen for us.
We liked it very much in the “Butterfly House”! We were warmly welcomed there, could ask many questions and were also allowed to snack a little. We would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt once again for guiding us so beautifully.


– Elias Hunziker und Mina Vianden (Class 7)