«Über den Wolken muss die Freiheit wohl grenzenlos sein»…… the sounds of Reinhard Mey’s famous song filled the auditorium of the CDSC every morning. The project week “A trip around the world”, which took place from 2 to 6 May in the primary school, was a great success. The pupils had the opportunity to “travel” through five continents: they got to know the different countries of Asia, the largest continent on earth. They not only made handicrafts and cooked, but also tested their dexterity with a game of chopsticks. They explored the second largest continent on earth, Africa, with all their senses: corn porridge, rhythmic music, exciting secret writing, and much more.

The red continent of Australia is fascinating with dot painting and boomerangs of the Aborigines, with its jumping kangaroos, and last but not least with the unique “Timtam Slam”. In North America, the children entered the world of the Indians, hip hop, and film history, and in South America, they were enchanted by the Brazilian rainforest and the sounds and dances of Samba, Rumba, and Chachacha. “Lördagsgodis, fika, chokladbollar, lagom” – that’s how it sounded from Europe, Sweden, to be more precise. The chocolate balls “chokladbollar” were particularly well received in culinary terms.

The week was rounded off with a joint take-off and finally, a landing accompanied by the black, white, and red uniformed teacher crew.

As the Dalai Lama said so well: “Once a year you should visit a place you have never been before”. Hopefully, the children will have many wonderful memories.