Under the new theme of “Videography”, our school’s Media Team had the opportunity to put their videography skills into practice last Monday when they were given the opportunity to visit the MAIIAM Museum. The name of the museum is a play on words, from “Mai” in Chiang Mai, meaning new, and “Iam”, the name of a royal consort of King Rama V who lived in a time when Thailand was coming into the modern era. She is an ancestor of the Bunnag-Beurdeley family that founded the museum. This transition from the traditional to the modern is also reflected in the museum’s exhibitions.

With the task of deciding on a motif of the museum and expressing it in a video, all members familiarized themselves with the various works of art for the first time. Ms. Kittima Chareeprasit told us something about the museum’s leitmotif, “indigenous”, and discussed with us the background stories of the respective artworks.

We learned that a work of art is as much about form as it is about content. In addition, we researched what the respective artists want to achieve with their works. The knowledge we learned was to be reflected in our videos to give the selected works a special meaning and context.

It was very interesting to get a deeper insight into the famous museum. We were able to gain valuable experience and will certainly be able to apply it in future events.

A big thank you goes to the MAIIAM Museum where we were so kindly welcomed and given permission to film. Also, to Ms. Kittima Chareeprasit who took the time to show us around and answer our questions!